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Introduction to Classical Oil Painting

Introduction to Classical Oil Painting

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On Campus
21-22 Sep 2024 (Sat & Sun)
9:30am - 4:30pm

Discover the sensuous beauty of classical oil painting techniques and be guided through a series of structured exercises and demonstrations of methods and specific ways of using materials. 

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Course Details

Course Program: Spring Weekend Workshop 2024

Start Date: 21 September 2024

End Date: 22 September 2024

Day: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Number of classes: 2

Discipline: Painting

Lecturer: Michelle Hiscock

Age: 16 years and over

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Location: National Art School

Course Overview

Discover the sensuous beauty of classical oil painting techniques and be guided through a series of structured exercises and demonstrations of methods and specific ways of using materials. Learn the basic skills of oil painting, including preparation of supports, coloured grounds, tonal underpainting, setting the palette, colour mixing, paint handling and structuring paint in layers.

*NAS Short Courses are open to students of ages 16 years and over. The NAS Art Club is open to students from ages 15 years and over.

*Drawing and painting short courses may
be held in upstairs studios. If access to stairs is not suitable, please contact NAS Short Courses Administration at

Lecturer Profile

Michelle Hiscock is an expert in the history of painting techniques, materials, and methods. She is represented by Australian Galleries and has exhibited nationally for over thirty years. Michelle has been a Painting Lecturer at the National Art School since 1998. She has also given many lectures and demonstrations, run classes on historical techniques and conducted floor talks and tours for the Art Gallery of NSW.

Art Materials

Students must supply their own art materials, please refer to the list below.

Please bring a pencil and paper for note-taking

  • Palette knife (diamond shaped like a trowel)
  • Palette (flat, without ridges or indents, e.g. plywood, plastic, Perspex)
  • Tube of white acrylic paint (Matisse ‘Structure’ is recommended)
  • Cotton cloth rags (old sheets are best)
  • Paper towel
  • Willow charcoal – 1 stick
  • Refined linseed oil at least 250ml
  • Disposable gloves (optional; vinyl is better than latex)
  • Small glass jar with lid
  • masking tape


Do not bring solvents or mediums. A low-odour painting medium will be provided.

Painting Supports
Please purchase a stretched canvas of approx. 30 x 40cm.


Please bring all the brushes you currently own. It is preferable to have 5 or more of each brush you like to use, rather than a whole lot of completely different brushes.

If you are buying brushes for the first time we recommend these as the minimum:

  • 3 flat synthetic or natural hog-hair brushes approx. 8mm wide
  • 1 round, pointed, synthetic sable brush approx. 5mm wide
  • 1 flat, synthetic sable brush approx. 15mm wide

Oil Paints

The following is a suggested list of colours. The painting you choose to do might only require a limited selection of colours so please bring the paints you already have and discuss with Michelle before purchasing additional paints.

We are using a low-toxicity approach. Do not bring cobalt, chrome, cadmium or lead-based pigments.

  • Titanium white - professional grade e.g. Old Holland, Winsor and Newton or Art Spectrum
  • Bright yellow - Winsor yellow, Spectrum yellow – not Cadmium
  • Bright red - Winsor red, Spectrum red – not cadmium)
  • Yellow Ochre or Mars Yellow
  • Venetian Red or Red Earth
  • Raw Sienna
  • Raw Umber or Burnt Umber
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Ivory black

Enclosed footwear is essential.


    Parkers Fine Art Supplies have a location of the NAS campus and offer a discount for NAS short courses students. To discuss and order art materials please contact Parkers:

    Phone: +61 2 9247 9979


    Parkers Fine Art Supplies Website 

    In line with NAS Covid Safety Guidelines, all students and visitors must be fully vaccinated or have a medical contraindication form completed by a health professional.

    Protective clothing and covered footwear essential